how to make Broccoli roti/paratha

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how to make Broccoli roti/paratha

In India main food is rice and Indian flatbread/roti/chapatti. we used to enhance the taste of roti we are adding some ingredients or staffed. Something e.g potato, cauliflower and ghee, oil or butter and making aluparatha, gobi paratha and  the same way how to make Broccoli roti/paratha. But without compromising with our heart and taste we can prepare Broccoli roti/paratha with little oil or without , which are optional.

In Broccoli roti/paratha we are using boiled potato(small amount) and broccoli. we know broccoli is packed with so many nutrition. Like

  • Carbohydrate
  • Fiber
  • Protein
  • Vitamin C. An antioxidant, this vitamin for immune function and skin health
  • Vitamin K1. Broccoli contains high amounts of vitamin K1, which is for blood clotting and promote bone health.
  • Folate (vitamin B9). Particularly important for pregnant women,
  • An essential mineral, is beneficial for blood pressure control and heart disease prevention.
  • An essential mineral, iron has many important functions in your body, such as the transport of oxygen in red blood cells.(source:

total time:30 minutes.(prep time :15 time :15 minutes)



Broccoli -1 medium size


Wheat flour-1 cup

Coriander leaves


Ginger-1 tea spoon (grated)

Salt to taste

Oil-1 tea spoon(for paratha)

Water-1/2 cup


How to make Broccoli roti/paratha

Step -1 Prepare the filling

boil the potato and broccoli  and mash them with chopped onions, coriander leaves and salt.


Step- 2,Knead a soft dough and roll a chapati and fill with the stuffing

Add wheat flour in a large mixing bowl with water and knead into soft dough. Make medium balls of the dough and roll them out into circles. Add broccoli filling in the centre. Seal the dough and round it with your fingers. Now roll them with a rolling pin into round flat bread.

Step -3

Heat a girdle/tawa and roast the rotis. Serve hot with curry.

If you want to make paratha use less ghee/oil on the roti, first roast them on both the sides ,when they are slightly crispy, apply ghee with a kitchen brush on both the sides.

Serve hot with yogurt or curries.


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