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About Abhijit – Admin of Yummy Food and Diet Blog

Hello friends,

This is Abhijit Mukhopadhyay. This blog is about healthy & simple diet recipes & food. Here is the inspiration, at the age of 20 I joined the Indian Air Force my profession helps me to travel to different places as well as came across many small and remote villages in different states of INDIA and was privileged to taste different varieties of street and cultural foods & recipes and at the same time I used to try to prepare those healthy recipes I experienced many places. So whenever there was any gathering or any picnic, anywhere i.e. in Air Force or civil all would call me to manage the cooking and food.

It started like this When I was in Bhuj(Kutch), one family wanted to celebrate their child’s birthday. But unfortunately, the cook didn’t come due to heavy rain, but guests were already started coming. Then one of the guests suggested my name but at that time no mobile, no easily available two-wheeler. So that person reluctantly came to me by cycle with an umbrella (5 K.M distance) and requested to manage somehow. I went and started cooking at late night. Many of the guests returned and some of them started watching my cooking with a lot of curiosity as that was one of my first cooking gatherings (more than fifty people). But finally, I won, and everybody was so satisfied, that they detailed one person, to bring back those guests who went back initially by seeing me. After their coming back it was decided that next gathering onward I would be the master cook.

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