how to make chingri diye lau shak

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how to make chingri diye lau shak

how to make chingri diye lau shak

The all part of the bottle gourd plant is edible for its high nutritional value. The plant is full of all the nutritious and having less calories with no fat. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Iron, Folate, Potassium and Manganese and many other nutrients. Therefore, it keeps your our body cool in summer. Fried prawns are mixed and cooked with potato, pointed gourd and the stem and leaves of bottle gourd, this is how to make chingri diye lau shak (Bottle gourd leaves prawn curry).Here I have taken little bit bigger size prawn, but it is better to use small size prawn to mix up nicely.


  • 250 gram bottle gourd leaves with stem
  • 100 gram prawns
  • 1 Potato and 1 potol/pointed gourd( cut into cubes )
  • panch phoron-1/2 t spoon  (It comprises mouri (fennel seeds), methi (fenugreek seeds), kaalo jeere (black cumin  seeds), zeera(cumin seeds), and a typically Bengali spice, called radhuni)
  • 2 green chillies chopped
  • 1teaspoon ginger paste
  • turmeric powder -1teaspoon
  • To taste salt and sugar
  • oil -2 tspoon

how to make chingri diye lau shak (Bottle gourd leaves prawn curry)

  • Wash and rub the prawns with turmeric powder and salt.
  • Heat oil in a pan and shallow fry the prawns and keep aside
  • Chop the leaves and stems of bottle gourd.
  • In the same pan temper panchphoron and chopped green chillies
  • Add Potatoes and pointed gourd saute well for 2-3 minutes
  • Now you place the leaves and stems adding ginger ,turmeric powder and salt.
  • Cover the lid for 5 minutes.
  • Now you can add the to make chingri diye lau shak
  • Cover it till it become soft and the stem and leaves become dry.
  • Now add sugar(optional) and mix well
  • Remove it and serve hot with steam rice and dal.


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