how to make finger-licking rajma curry

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how to make finger-licking rajma curry how to make finger-licking rajma curry

Rajma(red kidney beans) is one of the famous and popular, traditional dish from North India. Wherever you go from Punjab to Jammu, even in the railway station you will get the famous combo rajma chawal/rice with red kidney beans. I had the taste first time in Air Force station mess in Bangalore. But its preparation varies from place to place. You will really enjoy this combo hot rajma chawal in Jammu, HP and Punjab area especially in winter season. Boiled rajma stewed in thick gravy made with tomatoes and ginger and finished in warm, spicy, cumin laced sauce and this is how to make finger-licking rajma curry.


  • rajma or red kidney beans-3/4th cup
  • Onion two (medium)
  • Tomato-one
  • Ginger-garlic paste-1 tspoon each
  • Cream-2 table spoon
  • Turmeric, coriander, red chili and rajma masala* powder-3/4th tea spoon each
  • Kasuri methi/dried fenugreek leaves-1 tea spoon
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil-2 table spoon
  • Cumin/zeer-1/2 tea spoon (for tempering)

*(Dry Mango Powder (Amchur), Dry Pomegranate Seeds, Coriander Seeds (Methi), Nutmeg (Jaiphal), Cumin Seeds (Jeera), Dry Ginger Powder, Bay Leaves (Tej Patta)—dry roast and make a powder)

how to make finger-licking rajma curry

  • Rinse and soak rajma for overnight
  • Rinse them well and pressure cook for two whistles on low flame.
  • Check the rajma, if it is not soft then go for another 2 whistles.
  • At the same time boil the onions till it becomes transparent let it cool at room temperature and make a smooth paste.
  • For tomatoes also make a puree.
  • Now we will go for the rajma curry.
  • First heat oil in an oak/pan, add oil.
  • Add cumin for tempering.
  • As they splutter and sizzle add the onion paste and cook till it turns light brown.
  • Add ginger-garlic paste and cook it till its raw smell goes off.
  • Then add all the spices (turmeric, red chili, coriander and rajma masala) followed by the tomato puree and sauté for 4-5 minutes or till it turns little to make finger-licking rajma curry
  • how to make finger-licking rajma curry
  • Add rajma and mix with the gravy then add water (approx one and half cup) and cover the lid, allow it to cook for 8-10 to make finger-licking rajma curry
  • how to make finger-licking rajma curry
  • Take it out from the flame, add cream, and kasuri methi.
  • Serve hot with rice or bread.

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