Top 5 Bengali vegetable dishes you must try

Top 5 Bengali vegetable dishes you must try

Apart from sweets and fishes, Bengalis have many traditional authentic vegetable dishes which are very delicious and healthy, so these Top 5 Bengali vegetable dishes you must try.

  1. Narkel diye mochar ghonto /Bengali banana blossom curryhow to make narkel diye mochar ghonto

The banana blossom/flowers are called in Bengali Mocha, which is the storehouse of the nutrition, it helps to control diabetes, prevent heart disease due to presence of many antioxidants, slow down the ageing process and many more. Now to make this recipe take out the florets, cut it into small pieces, boil it and cook with coconut and other spices, to make delicious narkel diye mochar ghonto/Bengali banana blossom curry. The key ingredients required are mocha / banana blossom, potato, Gobindobhog rice, Grated fresh coconut, Ghee, Bay leaves, and other spice powders .


2.Enchorer torkari/jackfruit curry & 2a. Jackfruit curry recipe/enchorer torkari

How to cook Bora diye enchorer torkari/jackfruit curry

In Bengali jack fruit is known as enchor and gacch-patha means vegetable meat because of its texture after cooking becomes like meat. And moreover we are cooking also same like meat, to make mouth-watering Jackfruit curry recipe/enchorer torkari

You can make Jackfruit curry recipe/enchorer torkari in two ways, either you can make it in one pot or you can boil the jackfruit first then add with other ingredients. Here I am first boiling the jackfruit and add with other ingredients afterwards.

 The key ingredients are jack fruit ,Onion ,Ginger garlic paste, Tomato, Oil, Green chili ,Turmeric, coriander and cumin powder, Bay leaf, Ghee, panch phoron and garam masala.

3.delicious dhokar dalna(Bengali lenthil cakes)How to make delicious dhokar dalna

dhonkar dalna is a traditional vegetarian dish of Bengalis that’s purely satvik,( even without onion and garlic). The spiced yellow lentil cakes (in Bengali it’s called only dhoka) are fried and then simmered in a thick gravy made with tomatoes and ginger and sometimes added with potatoes finished in a warm, spicy, cumin laced sauce. This is the Bengali style, How to make delicious dhokar dalna.

The key ingredients are chholar dal (split Bengal gram, overnight soaked), sugar, and cooking oil, a pinch of hing (asafetida), green chillies, ginger paste, cumin powder and turmeric powder.

4.delicious narkel diye thor ghonto/banana stem curryhow to make delicious narkel diye thor ghonto


Banana stem is called Thor in Bengali which makes very tasty recipes. Boil the stem and cook or stir fry with coconuts, Gobindobhog rice and spices, which makes delicious narkel diye thor ghonto/banana stem curry. The key ingredients are Thor (banana) stem, potato, Coconut grated or paste, Gobindobhog rice, Mustard oil, Ghee, bay leaf green cardamoms, ginger paste, turmeric powder, Sugar and Garam masala.

5.Alu potol posto/potato pointed gourd curry with poppy seed paste


It will not complete the list of the Bengalis recipe if there are no dishes of posto/khas khas/poppy seeds. There are some other posto recipes are alu posto, potol posto, dim posto, rui posto and famous postor bora.

Soak in water for 10-15 minutes then a make a smooth paste with the help of sil batta or blender, then add it to  the hot curry of potato or pointed gourd  and mix it with salt , green chili.The key ingredients are posto/khas khas /poppy seeds ,pointed gourd, potato, green chili ,panchphoron and cumin powder.



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