20 Most Nutritious Food on the Planet for a Healthy Diet

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20 Most Nutritious Food on the Planet

In our busy world, many of us eat anything we have at the time with little awareness about how this food helps our efforts to stay healthy. In terms of nutrition, diet contributes greatly to overall health and well-being, making how and what we eat more important than we know. And we should try the 20 Most Nutritious Food on the Planet for a Healthy Diet to keep us healthy and fit.

Most of us have a need to eat a nutritious diet that we rarely think about –when we eat to meet immediate hunger, energy when we are tired or simply because the time comes.

Five small meals a day is absolutely essential. All the essential ingredients should be healthy nutritious food. Grains, vegetables, fruit, meats, oils and nuts, fish, potatoes, and beans should be included.

This way, all of the nutrients from protein and carbs to vitamins and minerals you need are obtained. Small portions consumed regularly will keep you healthy, as your metabolism works well.

Nutrition and Nutrients

We all eat food. Food gives the body food and allows the body to stay healthy and fit. The food we eat is subject to numerous processes, such as first digesting the food, then absorbing it through the blood and transporting it into different parts of the body. The waste products and the food that is not digested are removed from the body. NUTRITION is the body’s process of food consumption and use.

Nutrients and their Functions

We all know that food contributes to our body’s nourishment and health. The food is produced by small units of food called nutrients. What are the nutrients now? Nutrients are the chemical substances in food, which nourish the body.

Nutrients are of two types:

1. Macronutrients 2. Micronutrients
Macronutrients and Micronutrients are both important for good health. The body plays a major role in each nutrient

Essential Nutrients Requirement

Food is an important part of life for everybody. It enables us to grow and develop, to grow, to be healthy and active, to move, to work, to play, to think and to learn.

The body needs a variety of nutrients from the food we eat to stay healthy and productive-protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals.

● Protein-muscle, blood, skin and bones, other tissues and organs in the body need to be built, maintained and repaired with the help of protein-rich food. Meat, eggs, milk, and fish are protein-rich foods.
● Carbohydrate. Two types of carbohydrates can be classified: starches and sugars.
Starch-rich foods include rice, corn, wheat, pumpkin and fruit, honey, chocolate bars and food high in sugar.
● Fat–This is the secondary energy source of the body. Fat actually supplies more energy per gram than any other nutrient but it is harder to burn. Oils, butter, lard, milk, cheese, and some meat are food rich in fat.
● Vitamins and minerals–Vitamins and minerals, sometimes known as Micronutrients, are necessary for good health in very small quantities. They control many of the body’s functions and processes and help body tissue (calcium) and blood (ferrous) build up with minerals.
● Fiber and water are also essential for a healthy diet besides the above-mentioned nutrients.

Balanced Diet

It is important that our organisms have sufficient amounts and proportions of nutrients available. This can be done through a balanced diet.

A variety of Nutritious food must be eaten because various foods include various amounts of nutrients.

The’ Healthy Eating Pyramid ‘ food selection can help you plan your meals for a balanced and healthy diet.

A healthy diet is mainly based on vegetables (for example, fruit and vegetables, potatoes, cereals, etc.) and a moderate amount of livestock (for example, milk, fish, red sweet meat and poultry).

Usually, less than 30% of our energy should be provided by fats and oils and less than 10% should be fat.
The rich sources of animal protein are lean red meat, poultry and fish, eggs and dairy food. Dairy foods are good sources of calcium, apart from providing quality protein.

Protein sources of good vegetables include pulpit (for instance, peanuts, lenses, kidney beans), soy, grains, nuts, and seeds. Soya products (for example, tofu).

Tips for Healthy Diet

Healthy Nutritious food don’t have a strict diet, they are thin as a rail, or take away the foods you like to eat.
It’s good for you, it’s powerful and it keeps you as healthy as possible. And this isn’t hard. Learning and applying certain basic things to nutrition is all you need to do.

Healthy food is not only what you eat, but also how you eat. In other words, it teaches you to be intelligent. Getting used to healthy eating can significantly decrease the risk of disease and boost your energy.

1. It’s not what you are eating, it is how you are eating.

How you think of what you are eating is equally important. Slow down when you eat and think that your body needs food rather than gulp anything in front of you.

2. Don’t eat alone

When a meal can be eaten with others, particularly for young children, it has social and emotional benefits. Food in front of TV usually leads to eating excessively and unhealthful. Nowadays, we tend to rush to our meals.

3. Take the time to chew and enjoy your meal.

On the run, we eat. We forget to taste your food and miss the pleasure of eating because of this. Enjoy each bite, chew and taste the aromas slowly.

4. Listen to your body.

Before you reach the chips, drink a glass of water to see if your hunger goes away. It takes several minutes for your brain to tell your body that enough is being eaten. So don’t eat until you feel full.

5. Start your day with Breakfast and eat little food all day.

Eat a hearty morning breakfast and help jump your metabolism. With small meals throughout the day, your metabolism will continue and your energy will be maintained. If you don’t give up or try to reduce certain foods, you naturally want them even more.

6. Do not consider certain foods “off limits”

Try to reduce the amount and don’t eat these prohibited foods as often. You will soon find that the hunger you once had is dwindling.

7. Moderation is important

For people who often consider healthy food as a proposition. Don’t have one thing too much or too little. Even that piece of chocolate can form part of a healthy diet if consumed in moderation.

Top 20 Nutritious Food on Planet

1. Sweet potatoes

One of the best starching foods that you can eat is sweet potatoes. They are loaded with all sorts of healthy nutrients and antioxidants.

2. Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are loaded in fiber with various vitamins and minerals. Make sure you cook them properly because when they are raw they are toxic.


Oats are unbelievably healthy and Nutritious food. They are loaded with nutrients and contain strong, beta-glucans fibers, which have proven numerous benefits.

4. Onions

Onions have a very strong taste and are highly popular in recipes. It contains a number of bioactive compounds that are supposed to be beneficial to health.

5. Almonds

A popular kind of nut is almond. It,s loaded with Vitamin E, antioxidants, magnesium and fiber . Studies show that almonds can help you lose weight and provide impressive benefits to your metabolic health.

6 Blueberries

Blueberries are not only delicious but also one of the planet’s strongest sources of antioxidants

7. Avocados

Avocados are different from most fruit because instead of carbohydrates, they are burdened with healthy fats. It is creamy, delicious and high in fiber, potassium and vitamin C.

8. Whole milk

Vitamins, minerals, high-grade animal protein, and healthy fats are very high in all milk. It is one of the best calcium sources.

9. Yogurt

Yogurt is made of milk fermented with live bacteria. It has many of the same health effects as milk, with the exception of the additional benefits of friendly bacteria.


One of the most popular vegetables in the world is a cucumber. It consists largely of water and is low in carbon and calories. It contains, however, a number of small amounts of nutrients, including vitamin K.

11. Broccoli

Broccoli is a cruciferous, crude and It is an excellent source of vitamin K and C and has an excellent protein content compared to other vegetables. it contains a decent level of protein.

12. Carrots

A popular root vegetable is a carrot. It is extremely delicious, crunchy and full of nutrients like vitamin K and fiber. In carotene antioxidants, carrots have many advantages as well.


You can use it to produce all kinds of healthy recipes and tastes quite good on its own as well.


The banana is one of the best potassium sources in the world. Vitamin B 6 and fibers are also high. Bananas are funny and portable. bananas


Fiber, vitamin C and a wide range of antioxidants are very high in apple. Apples are very satisfying and ideal as snacks in between meals you feel hungry.

16. Eggs

Eggs are one of the world’s most nutritious foods.

17.Bell Peppers

They are available in various colors, red, yellow and green in particular. Crunchy, sweet taste, and a major antioxidant and vitamin C source.


Shrimp is a type of sea animal. The fat and calories are usually low, but protein is high. They are also loaded with several other nutrients, such as selenium and vitamin B 12.

19. Cheese

It is incredibly nutritious and contains approximately the same nutrients as a whole cup of milk for a single part. It’s one of the best foods you can have to eat for many too.

20. Homemade low-carb bread

You make yourself which is very healthy for us.

There is much other nutritious food in the category of protein, fiber, dairy, grains, etc. It is very important to consume highly nutritious food for our day to day life.


You will find more people are now overweight and face other serious problems with their health. One of the biggest causes of this is the kind of food they eat or their eating patterns.

With their work, school, business, etc, meeting their demands for everyday life, they will become a top priority in listing their nutritional well-being. And the common reason for this is that they are always on their way and can’t spend time considering what food they should eat. You will finally eat more processed food as you can easily take and eat it.

You’ll see many people sitting in fast food or cafeteria and ordering without paying great attention to the quality of the food they eat. In order to prevent severe diseases or diseases, you should keep an eye on your health and nutrition.

If you are to less pronged to diseases like heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, etc if you are accustomed to healthy diets.

Therefore healthy diets are one of the most effective ways to combat overweight or obesity because you should know how to eat healthily. In addition, eating the right food at the right time also entails the right combination.

Therefore getting into a healthy eating programme, no matter how challenging your time, or the way you live, will lead you to year-round wellness.

Overall, try to eat nutrient-rich food to keep yourself healthy and fit !!!!

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