Jackfruit prawn curry(chingri diye enchorer dalna)

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Jackfruit prawn curry(chingri diye enchorer dalna)


In Bengali recipe you will find many places dalna, E.g dhokanr dalna,enchorer dalna. Actually dalna means a curry with yummy thick gravy.In Bengali, jack fruit is known as gacch-patha (tree mutton). When I was a child staying in a village in Murshidabad, that time daily I used to heard this word from mother,boroma and others. Actually in traditional Bengali recipe there are so many items are included(mainly in earlier days).But out of that one recipe is must,  that is dalna e.g Jackfruit prawn curry(chingri diye enchorer dalna), dhonkar dalna .

jackfruit is a superfood


  • Jackfruit can be a fruit, nut, vegetable vegan meat or a carbohydrate. You will astonish to learn that
  • It can help you reduce weight
  • jackfruit beat diabetes
  • It helps reduces cholesterol
  • I It can prevent colon cancer
  • It increases your longevity (source: https://www.healthifyme.com/blog/5-reasons-raw-jackfruit-superfood/)


Cooking time:60 minutes

Pre time:15 minutes,  cooking time : 45 minutes



Midium size prawn(bagda)-6-8 pieces

Jack fruit one medium size(1 kg)

Potato-2 medium size

Onion -2 bigger

Ginger garlic paste-2 spoon(fresh grind)

Tomato- 2

Oil-2 teaspoon

Green chili 2-3(as per hotness)

Turmeric, coriander and cumin powder-1 table spoon each

Bay leaf-2

Ghee-1/2 tspoon

garam masala -1 /2 tea spoon

salt to taste


How to make Jackfruit prawn curry(chingri diye enchorer dalna)

First fry the prawns in little oil to change the color to light orange and keep aside

In the same oil add bay leaves and then onions to fry till the color changed to light brown.

Now cut the jack fruit and potatoes in a cubic style and add it with onion

Add tomato pieces and cook it for 2 minutes and add ginger garlic paste ,salt and green chili.

Add powdered masalas and pour approx 1 cup of water after cooking for 5 minutes and cover the lid.

After 6-7 minutes when the gravy is almost thick add prawns and garam masalas and mix it well.

Take out from the burner and add ghee after 2 minutes of cooking.

Serve hot with steamed rice or nun or parotha.Jackfruit prawn curry(chingri diye enchorer dalna)

Jackfruit prawn curry(chingri diye enchorer dalna)   


Jackfruit prawn curry(chingri diye enchorer dalna)

Conclusion: Jackfruit is a type of food that you can have it for 365 days .And you can prepare it without adding the prawns which makes it a delicious vegetable recipe.


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