Sharadotsav/ Durgotsav 2022

Sharodotshov 2022/Celebrate Durgapuja with these special menus

Bengalis all over the world started countdown up to celebrate one of the grandest festivals of the country, Sharodotshov/ Durgotsav 2022 this year will be celebrated from October 1 to October 5

Durgapuja is a Hindu festival originating in India which reveres and pays homage to the Hindu goddess Devi Durga and is also celebrated because of Devi Durga’s victory over Mahisasur. During this Grand Bengali festival, it is a tradition to purchase new clothes for the near and dear ones. Food is a relevant feature of Durga Pujo without which, the spirit of the festival is incomplete.

No festival in India won’t be completed without special food. Alongside prayers, ritualistic baths, offerings in Temples, and New clothes/wearings; Durgapuja is associated with a long list of traditional Bengali recipes. By maintaining the tradition I’m also trying to help you to decide on your menu combination to make your festival more colorful.

Special Menu for Maha Saptami: 2nd October 2022


Amritsari Poori Chole
How to Make Amazing Koraishutir Kochuri
How To Make kulcha

Lunch and dinner

Golda chingrir kalia

How to make spicy Golda chingrir kalia

malai murg

How to make delicious malai murg

pomfret macher jhal

How to make sorse posto diye pomfret macher jhal

narkel diye bhapa ilish

How to make narkel diye bhapa ilish

Mouth-watering kosha murgi

sorshe posto diye pabda macher jhal

How to make sorshe posto diye pabda macher jhal

chingri diye mochar ghonto

 prawn banana

Chicken Pulao

How To Make Chicken Pulao

  Vegetable Pulao

How to make vegetable pulao

Chicken biryani

Special Menu for Maha Ashtami: 3rd October 2022


Luchi  Aloobhaja

How To Make Luchi Aloobhaja

Aloo Puri

How to Make Aloo Puri

Ring Paratha

How To Make Ring Paratha

Ragi Poori

How To Make Ragi Poori

Lunch and Dinner

Paneer Capsicum Curry

How to Make Paneer Capsicum Curry

Afghani Paneer

How to Make Afghani Paneer

Aloo Paneer

How to Make Delicioud Aloo Paneer

Bengali  Chanar Kalia

Bengali Chanar Kalia Curry Of Cottage Cheese Balls

Doi Potol

How to Make Yummy Doi Potol

Paneer Do Pyaza

How to make Paneer Do pyaza

Mixed Vegetables

How to Make Mixed Vegetables

Lau-er Ghonto

How To Make Lau-er Ghonto

Lau-er Amazing Kofta Curry

Lau-er Amazing Kofta Curry thumb nail

Narkel Borboti

How to Make Narkel Borboti

Gobindobhog Chal diye potol

Paneer Korma

How To Make Delicious Paneer Korma

Vegetable Pulao

Gobindobhog chaler misti pulao

Luscious basanti pulao

Simple Jeera Rice

How to Make Jeera Rice

Bisi Bele Bath

How To Make Bisi Bele Bath

Bhagalpuri Khichdi

Exciting Recipe of Bhagalpuri Khichdi

Special Menu for Maha Nabami: 4th October 2022



Luchi aloo bhaja

Vegetable Chow mein

Simple Vegetable Chow mein Recipe

Chicken Noodles


Alu kulcha with mangsher Ghughni

How To Make kulcha
How to make mangsher Ghughni

Lunch and dinner

Special Mutton Korma

Delicious Mutton & Potato Korma

 Mutton Do Pyaza

Mutton Masala

Spicy Kashmiri mutton rogan josh

How to make spicy Kashmiri mutton rogan josh

Bengali Mutton Curry/Mangshor Jhol

Bengali Mutton Curry Mangshor Jhol

 kosha pathar mangsho

How to make spicy kosha pathar mangsho

 Rajasthani laal maas

Golda chingrir kalia


Chicken Do Pyaza Recipe

Amazing Chicken Do Pyaza Recipe

Delicious chicken dak bungalow

sorse posto diye pomfret macher jhal

How to make sorse posto diye pomfret macher jhal

sorshe posto diye pabda macher jhal

Ilish Posto

How To Make Ilish Posto

Chicken Pulao

Ilish Biryani

How to Make ilish Biryani

Parda /Potli biryani

How to Make Potli parda biryani

Gobindobhog chaler chicken pulao

Chicken biryani

Mutton biryani

muri ghonto/fish head pulao

Vijaya Dashami and Dussehra :5Th Oct 2022

 Mutton biryani With kosha murgi

Chicken biryani With  kosha pathar mangsho



Aam  Shrikhand

How to Make Aam Srikhand

phirni with gobindobhog rice

Chanar Payesh

How To Make Chanar Payesh

Gobindobhog chaler payesh

How To Make Chanar Payesh

traditional gurer narkel naru

chinir narkel naru and narkel sandesh

How to make delicious chinir narkel naru and narkel sandesh

sirir naru


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